Excess of anything can make you go numb. The same thing happens in the times of a crisis like COVID-19. People are being bombarded with news about the coronavirus. Therefore, you should avoid sending all kinds of irrelevant emails and posts. 

Here are a few pointers that can help you in effectively communicating with your customers:

  1. Be as transparent as possible. Short and transparent messages get more attention and response. 
  2. Show concern and empathy. This also includes sharing only relevant information and helping people get through the Covid-19 crisis together as a global community. 
  3. Make your customers believe that you are committed to help them get through this crisis. You can carry this out by recording a statement from the head of your organization and posting it on your social media platforms and also with your present customers through email. 
  4. Talk to them about the modifications you have made especially to your customer journey and how you have taken the digital means into account. You can also help the demographics that are effected more by this virus like the older people and create special offers for them. 
  5. Extend your support hours and try to help your customers in eliminating risks. 

Even if your business is suffering these days and sales are not as good as they usually are, you should keep working on new strategies to pivot and come out stronger. One important thing that you can ask your customers to do is support you through this crisis by leaving a kind and motivating comment on your social media posts or maybe leaving a good review. Make use of the different platforms that can help you interact with your customers on a daily basis and encourage them to tell their friends about your products and services. 

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