Weird, So What

Things that might appear odd and weird to us can be sacred to the people of a certain culture. Try telling someone all about your own cultural celebrations and observe their response. We have collected some really awesome customs and traditions from all around the world to give you a moment of entertainment and exposure.

If you know about any more of these amusing rituals, do share!

Not that santa

Enough said about the kind and generous Santa Claus, we all know 25th December comes with a lot of exhilaration and happiness. But Austrians have another event that takes place on the 5th of December and they call it Krampus Night. This is when Santa’s evil twin brother pays a visit to mankind. In case you are thinking, he is not adorable or lovable like Santa; he is half goat, half man and he punishes children who have misbehaved. He carries chains thought to symbolize the binding of devil by the Christian church and he tends to thrash these chains for the dramatic effect.

the battle of oranges

The La Tomatina that is celebrated in the east of Spain, 30 kilometers from the Mediterranean is well known all around the world. But, did you know what the Italian people drive carnival from? We all take it as an occasion where we put on our awesome costumes and have some fun but for the people of Ivrea City, Italy, it is way more than that. They celebrate carnival in the memory of the locally famous battle of oranges, yes the orange fruit!

Toss That tooth

We have heard about how children from most parts of the world keep their broken tooth so precious so as to put it under their pillows in hope of getting money from the magnanimous tooth fairy. Well, guess what, in Greece, children throw their tooth on to the roof in order to seize some good luck.

No fingers at all

We are all offended by the middle finger being pointed at us or anyone for that matter. This is not something new or bizarre. In Indonesia, don’t even think about pointing any of your fingers at someone. They like using their thumbs instead. A big “NO” to even the forefingers and trust me, you don’t want to test this theory. If you are planning to travel to Thailand from there, don’t even use that thumb to touch someone’s forehead.

Have you ever been surprised by a custom that was either really pleasant or bizarre? If yes, don’t forget to share!

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