small but mighty

When you have the ability to do something great and lead people to a better life, you don’t have to run after greatness, it finds a way to catch up with you. To have a purpose and drive is all you want to start somewhere and that process knows no bounds. This is why age is never a factor for determining who you want to be. The three great human beings mentioned here are true examples of that.

Easton LaChappelle

Only at fourteen, LaChappelle learned that if you take things apart with the intention to build something, eventually there is going to come a time when you are going to learn how to put them back together. It was at a science fair, where he met a little girl with a prosthetic arm that gave him the inspiration and motivation to build his first robotic hand using LEGO and fish wire. He made it his mission to help people like the little girl and that’s exactly what he is doing right now. His functional prosthetic limb that he made with a 3D printer cost 8 times less than the prosthetic limb that could only open and close.

In case you are thinking he is doing really well. He is working for NASA and has shared his creation with the world so it can help people and those who want to work on it and make it better can have a go at it.

Mary Grace Henry

You have to start somewhere and that is exactly what Henry did. She started from her desire to change someone’s life as she wanted to fund the education of an underprivileged girl. We all want fancy things on our birthdays but Henry wanted a sewing machine. She used this sewing machine to make reversible headbands and started selling them at school.

From her small venture she could now afford to support a girl through education. But she didn’t stop there. Since then she has only grown and is now supporting 66 girls in Kenya, Uganda, Paraguay and Haiti. Wouldn’t you say she has come a long way that was lead by her pure intentions and a beautiful heart?

Anoyara Khatun

You have to go out and work when time demands it but forcing someone to work against their will is just not fair and that too when they are five years old. This is what happened with Khatun after her father passed away. It did not stop there for as soon as she turned 12 she was sold and trafficked to do domestic labor for other families. They took away her childhood but what they couldn’t take was her spirit which was still intact and ready to retaliate.

Just after she returned to West Bengal at thirteen, she raised her voice against child labour and traficking.

She has not only prevented hundreds of children from getting traficked but has also helped the trafficked children return to their families.

It is a blessing to be able to help others and do your part in a way that t effects millions. Those who get the chance to be on such a path are blessed and those who realize that are even better.

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