About Us

“Oil was the fuel of 2oth century, creativity is the fuel of the 21st century”
We have built an inclusive digital community that provides an equal opportunity to the marginalized communities of Pakistan to turn their creative skills into profitable businesses. We do this through a self-sustainable e-commerce platform, a connect feature and an awareness blog. The different initiatives we are working on include video documentaries, capacity building trainings and focus groups.
The creative community of Pakistan is divided into 2 segments; one that is tech savvy and knows how to sell their skills digitally and the second segment that consists of more than 150,000 people who barely make their ends meet on a mere Rs.2500 a month. This segments mostly contains the artisans, designers and bottom of the value chain-craftsmen from the backward areas who are stuck in one place with minimum exposure and opportunities.
There is a huge gap here and to save these 150,000 people and their families from perishing, it is eminent that some changes are made. We help these two segments off the community to come together and fill the gap by helping each other benefit from each other.
Our focus lies in economic development and community building and for any economy to grow, its really important to increase the labor force and these artisans and designers that make 80% of women have the skills but are not contributing to the economic development due to various factors. If this lack of exposure and capacity building is resolved we can ensure jobs not just for these people but their families and provide their children with better education and healthcare facilities.
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